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He is No Normal Man
Jungle: 3:44 mins @143BPM

Artist:Tarzan The Junglist

Short Snippet of Review:...No review for this because promotion only has been requested but it is excellent. More music by artist at Soundcloud

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Frogs (Streetwise Mix)
Melodic Techno (With Vox): 6:58 mins @140BPM

Artist:Mirage in a Storm

Short Snippet of Review:...No review it is mine, I called it frogs because one of the lead melody lines reminds me of the old Budweiser advert.

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Solar Energy
Easy Listening Funk Jazz: 3:07 mins @110BPM

Artist:Estate Passion (aka Bace Maker)

Short Snippet of Review:...No review, asked to promote Dance Industries and Venombase Studios

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Easy Listening: 4:35 mins @128BPM

Artist:Project 3

Short Snippet of Review:...No review because promotion only is requested.

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