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Latin House: 4:06 mins @120BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...s trance with a Latin house influence. It is very well structured, produced. Variations, drum rolls, sound effects, sound choice and arrangement is spot on. My score is 10 out of 10. All you Latin house/early

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Techno: 4.2 mins @142BPM


Short Snippet of Review:... the pauses with sinister Vocal breaks and fx keep this track interesting for the whole 4 minutes. in my opinion it is better than The Thrill 3 and half (Master Edition 2007). I give it a 9. Why not a 10 ? It

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Techno: 3.52 mins @132BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...ctive and adds a needed variation. The track length is not too short, the eventual conclusion is clean and intelligent, and I liked the fact there is a different tempo to 140 BPM. Its a good piece of mellow h

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Slow and Low
Techno: 9 mins @80BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...sed. Also I would not use the E-Bass instrument as the track is untended to be mellow, the D-Bass instrument would sound great when combined with T Lead 4 for a nice variation. I like your originality and ima

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