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Progressive Trance: 11.48 mins @140BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...I will be reviewing again soon. My provisional score for this is 10 out of 10, progressive trance fans will enjoy this for sure.

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Taken Away
Hip Hop, Instrumental: 2:41 mins @80BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...ed, however the use of a different bass instrument or shorter bass notes may disguise the issue. My provisional score is 7 out of 10 and I say it is worth a listen for those lovely strings, and also it has to

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Battalion ( Atmos - Sphere Edit)
Atmospheric Tech Trance: 3:52 mins @135BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...I am in the collab so I cannot review this mix but a 10 out of 10 goes to Steve for excellent melody and rhythm lines. I have only added some orchestration and pad

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Break My Heart
Instrumental Dubstep: 3:49 mins @136BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...Sorry no review folks because I am in the collab but I will say Steve has demonstrated some serious musical skill in his work to make the mix with me.

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