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Distant Planet
Techno Trance (Progressive Influence): 7:51 mins @140BPM


Short Snippet of score is 10 out of 10, the beginning is very well produced but does not seem to change soon enough. This is a very good tech trance mix (bpm a little fast for standard progressive) though and would be supe

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Nothing Lasts Forever
Club Techno (Progressive Influence): 7:01 mins @135BPM


Short Snippet of Review:... has done further work to make this mix more modern and club friendly. In my opinion this is now suitable for play during an 8 or 9 pm warm up slot in a club. Score of 7 out of 10 is inherited from previous v

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Nothing Lasts Forever (Extended Mix)
Tech Trance (Progressive Influence): 7:21 mins @133BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...Sorry folks no review on this due to my involvement, but Max Motion has seriously worked hard and put some great ideas, mastering and modern sounds so I give him a

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Alumni (Tweaked)
Danceable Tech Trance: 5:17 mins @134BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...ix because I am involved in the collab but I will say that max Motion deserves a 10+ for the way he has mastered and generally improved the flow of what really originally only worked as an intelligent record.

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