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Remix of Endless Summer by Scootah
90s Melodic Techno Trance: 3:34 mins @155BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...This may get a review but my provisional comments are this excellent worker for a Tecjno Ejay 5 production. My score is 10 out of 10. I expect I will be remixing the Heart of Asia re

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Gamma Hydra (Epic 2 The Max Mix)
Intelligent Techno: 3:51 mins @136BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...I cannot review this due to the fact I was involved in making it but once again Max has done a great job.

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Beamer ( The Mad Maestro Edit )
Uplifting Techno Dance/Trance: 4:50 mins @135BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...Sorry no review for this but I will say thanks max for that super original melody, without it this would not have been possible. Seriously catchy and danceable is the r

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Bass Fluke
90s Dance/Techno: 4:39 mins @150BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...(DJ Taz is a young female pop fan, and guest reviewer) It's cool, and I like the rythm, but it's a bit long and repetitive

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