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Speaker Box
Dutch Electro House: 6:37 mins @128BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...There is no review requested, just promotion for another great mix by Julian R,

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Mood set 2011 0903 part 8
Minimal Techno (90s influences): 2:58 mins @128BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...l find some of the strong rhythms useful if mixed with more melody music, near the start of this track. Anyone who is a fan of listening or minimal techno with a 90s influence will really enjoy this mix if m

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After the Bank Heist
Jazz Funk based Vocal Film Score: 4:14 mins @98BPM

Artist:The Appprentice

Short Snippet of Review:...Sorry I cannot score or review my own music but I welcome others comments or reviews.

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Adventures of a Three Piece Suite
Atmospheric Progressive Trance: 6:15 mins @135BPM

Artist:The Appprentice

Short Snippet of Review:...This artist only requires promotion so there is no review

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