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Drop the Bomb
Dutch Progressive Vocal House: 5:50 mins @128BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...No review for this but promotion is required so to help that I will say it is of Julian R' s usual standard and worth 10 out of 10.

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Something Mellow (US2K Breakbeat version of Epic 2 The Max collab)
Breakbeat/Drum and Bass: 2:45 mins @162BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...This is by myself and Max Motion so I cannot review this mix but I welcome others to make comments, or any of the resident viewers to do their worst.

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Jamie for Amy Set (Part 5)
Funky Electro Vocal House: 3:48 mins @130BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...delay reverb, stereo-positioning etc. (8/10) . My final overall score is 8 out of 10. I highly recommend this mix to those who love house music, electro or funk music of any type. It is ideal for inclusion in

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For the Dawn
Ambient Chillout Dance: 8:27 mins @140BPM


Short Snippet of Review:... the ears, and the sound it produces is just awful to me I'm afraid
. Sorry Marc, but I wouldn't call it a dance thing of any description
. The score is being generous by the way, and if Marc likes it b

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