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Atmospheric Chillout Techno: 4:36 mins @124BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...Until I( can review this excellent atmospheric chillout production my provisional score is 10 out of 10.

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Techno: 2.33 mins @140BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...rly the two on the intro, or maybe the middle section, and then built on, or elaborated into a better, longer running tune
. There's some really good, individual little set pieces in here, but as a whole i

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The Real Mix
Techno: 3.03 mins @139BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...and some other parts, particularly near the end, sound a whole lot better, purely because of the way the samples have been better picked, matched, and edited into it
. A tune which starts off simply, and g

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Mellow Techno: 3.30 mins @140BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...ellow sound to it
. Maybe if some drums and/or hats had been added after half way or so, it would have given the tune a bit punch, and carried on towards the big finale
. As it is, it's a good first one

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