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Let the Fucken Beat Bang
Dutch Vocal Electro House: 5 mins @128BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...This is not going to have a review because promotion only has been requested, but it is excellent Dutch electro.

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Mellow Techno: 3.30 mins @140BPM


Short Snippet of Review:...ellow sound to it
. Maybe if some drums and/or hats had been added after half way or so, it would have given the tune a bit punch, and carried on towards the big finale
. As it is, it's a good first one

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Techno: 4.43 mins @150BPM


Short Snippet of tinkly bells
.!! Odd, but it works o.k on the ambient break in the middle of the tune. I think a better title might have been anaesthetic rather than toothache, because it's not too much of a pain to li

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Git Down
Techno: 3.04 mins @150BPM


Short Snippet of very fast kick/bongo drums, accompanied by the sound of an old grandfather clock which is stuck in "chime" mode
. Add the odd FX and sphere samples here and there, and that's what we have here
. A bi

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