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24/03/2017 22:08:05
Other Mixes Enough Live House Just Uploaded ,play it from here

24/03/2017 21:49:46
Other Mixes Lies (GE Deep Pink mix) Vocal Dance/Trance Just Uploaded ,play it from here

24/03/2017 21:39:34
Other Mixes Hornet Cloud 9 Mix) Vocal Dance/Trance Just Uploaded ,play it from here

24/03/2017 01:57:33
Dance 6 Got Ure Love 90s Techno Dance Just Uploaded (one from the archives) ,play it from here

24/03/2017 00:36:48
Other Mixes Red Hero (GE Cheetah mix) Vocal Dance Just Uploaded ,play it from here

24/03/2017 00:28:27
Other Mixes Sunrise Trance Just Uploaded ,play it from here

24/03/2017 00:18:12
Other Mixes Shadows Of The Empire - Gladiator Acid Techno Just Uploaded ,play it from here

24/03/2017 00:12:33
Other Mixes Tecno Beat Techno Just Uploaded ,play it from here

23/03/2017 15:06:22
The music community welcomes a new artist Oxid Project

23/03/2017 15:05:01
The music community welcomes a new artist

New Music Uploads (Last 90 days)

All mp3 full downloads have been granted permission for free distribution
by the artist or current licence holder (eg. Dance Industries).
Artist Title Music Genre/Style
Jason_Still Enough Love House
George Ellinas (early years) Lies (GE Deep Pink mix) Vocal Dance/Trance
George Ellinas (early years) Hornet Cloud 9 Mix) Vocal Dance/Trance
George Ellinas (early years) Red Hero (GE Cheetah mix) Vocal Dance
Oxid Project Sunrise Trance
PsykoElectro Shadows Of The Empire - Gladiator Acid Techno
Binary Intruder Tecno Beat Techno
New World Stairs to paradise Classical Film Score/ Easy Listening
m2LPJ Entre Cielo y Tierra (2 minute teaser) Classical Spanish Guitar
Tom Bertram Not Leaving Here (1 Minute Teaser ) Ballad Pop Song (Country Influence)
Jason_Still Shimmer House Music (Very Commercial Influence)
I J Beats Mujo - Afro Beat 2017 - I J Beats (1 minute teaser) Afro Beat / Easy Listening
Burn_Notice Rain Dance Easy Listening
Wagna_Rosa Lidian Sextuplets Tutorial Rock/Pop/Funk/Pop Guitar Tutorial
Otto_Reina Shawn Lane style minor pentatonic Lick Rock Guitar Tutorial
Pit Flowing Water Easy Listening
Guitar Tutorial - D, A and Gm Patterns Pop/Rock/Punk/Blues/Funk Tutorial
Authist_&_Dub_One Spirit of Pim Easy Listening Dub/Drum N Bass Influence
Thomas_Berglund Guitar intro Rock/Pop/Punk/Blues Tutorial
Vote_Evil_Drums Drum Lesson 6 Beginners Beat Beginners Drum Tutorial
Jaroo Near the ocean (Beautiful Easy Listening) Atmospheric Easy Listening
Pablo_Perez Tokio Neon Easy Listening
Many_Aliases Here to Dance All Night 90s House/Dance Music
Many_Aliases Kind New World
(A world where difference is welcomed because the heart is kind)
Progressive Trance (Influence Hard House, Dutch, Classical)
Many_Aliases Too Close to The Asteroid Dramatic Sci Fi Film Score
Many_Aliases Vurlitzer (Wide Audience Appeal Mix) Progressive House
Project_to_Infinity Got Ure Love 90s Techno Dance
DBA Dance Industries 2000s Dance Trance (Commercial Influence)

More music and information about the artists abovebe found via the latest in area of Jjays Free Promotion or the artist area. Just click on your favourite artist!

Free April Bank Holiday 2017 Classical Promotion

Begins 14th April 2017, collecting music now.

List of music to be promoted in bak2bak playlist alongside classical music masters such as Mozart, Beethoven, Straus, Handel, Mendelssohn, Vaughan Williams, Edward Elgar, Alexander Borodin to name but a few.
Many AliasesSunset on a Tear
Greek God & Goddesses` BabyWhat cats see
Many AliasesToo Close to The Asteroid
m2LPJEntre Cielo y Tierra
New WorldStairs to paradise

You can submit your composition via the Music Uploader or for more information use this email address:

You can choose to submit a full composition or a 1-2 minute teaser but do bear in mind where you cut your music because where it starts and ends will be the boundaries of another composition, so be prepared to have it cut shorter if you have not made the best choice.

Venombase Record Label and Studio Partnership

The services which this excellent studio provide include professional mix mastering, artist mentoring/management, superb promotional videos and a whole host of superb value for money production services. If these services interest you you can easily reach Venombase studios by clicking on their logo above.

Last August Full 2 hour house show, as heard on Venombase Studios Radio Dias

All music heard in this stream is by unsigned artists whom have provided music to JJays for free promotion either in the past or present. Future artist submissions will get the same respect if the music is good enough. and meets the genre for the show. See Artist and Music List for This Broadcast
See Artist List

Summer 2016 Outdoor Events Promotions

If you wish to have your music promoted, in public outdoor event films and/or played in to thousands in a designated shopping center this year, and distributed widely on social networks such as Google+ and Facebook, upload your mixes using the new uploader . Mostly sought is clean (no swearing) hip hop with vocals to be included in a summer radio show.

A very talented photographer that has some great pictures of a floodlit London City, the Millenium Wheel and the Thames by night that would look absolutely super in a prestigious London Hotel or departure lounge at Heathrow or Gatwick Airport.

The other Feedcat has out of date content and how to change it is still being sought.