About Your Mix Submissions

If you are sending any of your mix files in, then try and follow these brief guidelines. It is not neccesary to Zip your mixes, because I will compress them when they go on to the website anyway to save storage space on my server. If you use ANY imported / home-made / EJay samples in your mixes, then let me know when you send them in, because I have to be very aware of any copyright issues when uploading them. Also, because of any compatability / interaction between the different EJay formats, people actually want to know whether they have the all necessary programmes to listen to your mixes completely... You can also send me whatever text / message you might want adding to your mix when it goes on the site... ??:??MINS and BPM would be worth knowing also...

I still have a 3MB email attachment limit, so ,mixes or mp3s larger will have to be sent to me via other means such as msn, yahoo chat, mp3unsigned download or similar

The Intentions of This Site

  • There will still be a seperate page for each of the Software Package formats.
  • To give as much info as possible for all of the mixes.
  • Rating of the mixes will be based upon your downloads, but your reviews / comments are very welcome...
  • Sorry, but it is preferred that music made using ejay, fruity loops, Reason etc. has a mix file or evidence that the artist made it..., mp3 submission is more discretional
  • Is to keep the EJay creativity and ingenuity of making music alive and kicking...!!!
  • Lastly, to hope that you enjoy the music, and keep coming back to this community...

The Legal Stuff.... Please Read.

  • This is a totally non-commercial site, all the mixes are for your listening pleasure (or agony.?? lol)
  • All rights of the owner of each mix is reserved. Ditto for this website, as produced by me.
  • You have authority to copy mixes?and remixes from this site, for your entertainment only.
  • Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance, alteration, and broadcasting, of this work is prohibited without the owners express written consent.
  • Everything that is sent in to this website, is verified suitable by me for publication.
  • With all EJay mixes submitted, the creators are deemed to be giving permission for said mixes to be played, downloaded, copied, published, and remixed.
  • All original EJay mixes submitted to this site, are deemed to be the work of the submitting author. ( Apart from Re-mixes.)
  • This site will not be liable for mixes that are submitted, which do not belong the person submitting them, and anyone who believes submitted mixes to belong to them, should please contact me.

Other Copyrights

  • Ejay, is a registered trade mark of:Empire Interactive Europe Ltd, The Spires, 677 High Road, North Finchley, London. N12 0DA.
    Tel: +44 (0)20 8492 1049Fax: +44 (0)20 8343 7447

    Winzip, is a registered trade mark of Nico Mak Computing, Inc.
  • All Trademarks, and Copyrights, are acknowledged were possible. If not, it is thoroughly non-intentional, accidental, or overlooked.Please inform me of any such infringement of any Copyright/s, and I will amend immediately.

All enquiries regarding this web site, should be sent to me.

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