Site History and Development.

The original J-JAY's EJay was created to show off creativity, ingenuity, and potentially talented artists, allowing them to distribute their mixes, and to get feedback from other musicians and listeners. This began with Ejay but now these facilities cover Reason and Fruity Loops.

Thank you for your support in the early years to John and me more recently. He did a great job of keeping this site up to date, put so many hours work into its presentation and produced some excellent mixes over the years. I still have all the old mixes from the older Ejay packages from John too and have began a nostalgia area of the site for them. I have already provided you mp3 conversion, streaming, and download of your mixes..... The top 20 idea was abandoned, never fear we have a top 100 instead, see it here , wicked eh!, and it is all controlled via download activity, things are getting good as promised. A sister site Planet Ejay has provided a forum for you, we dont need empire. You will be provided with a review and streaming. This site is now getting up to 600 visitors a day and is rank 3 on Google, thank you everyone who has supported this site and made this possible.

MP3's can be submitted without their original "MIX" file but with proof that the music is not infringing copyright of others, and a "MIX" file or raw sample components are probably the best form of proof. Important About Your Mix Submissions. - The best new mp3 music from up and coming bands