The most beautiful trance composition created with Fruity Loops I ever composed is now only for my ears.

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All music heard in this stream is by unsigned artists whom have provided music to JJays for free promotion either in the past or present. Future artist submissions will get the same respect if the music is good enough and meets the genre for the show.
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Partnership with Music Studio and Record Label

Was something that happened but is no more, this site never really gained much from it only temporary prestige. Interestingly enough the record label also provided a truckload of allegedly unsigned music which I was very careful to listen to and anaylse. I used YouTube like Litmus paper and soon discovered it was another stealth move on the site. I guess there was a pay for music site in the equation.


Random Top Quality Featured Music


Over a Decade of Mixes and Onwards for JJays!

The site is still running despite numerous attempts by various people and websites to get it closed down. Now with over a decade of mixes there is thanks for artists in the past, I am too busy since I moved.

Stream or download some (some of it is not that good though) top quality music as well...!!! The new HTML 5 mp3 music player will work on the latest browsers.

You cannot submit Ejay mixes or music of any type to this website. You will be able to listen and download everything up to what was on here up to 2010. Unfortunately these days interaction with artists is a thing of the past . If you are technically minded and wish to see my historic upload page it is here

More about site history...

Re-introduced is the popular tutorials section which now includes the scales for every musical key.